Monday, August 20, 2012

Easy Picture Hanging [Hardware]

I'm all about easy.
And fast.
And a lot of times, hanging frames or art on the walls is neither of those things.
First, whatever you're hanging is heavy so you have to find a stud to hang it in...
..and then the stud is in a wonky place that doesn't look right.
So then you have to use those stupid plastic wall anchors that I always seem to end up destroying.
So frustrating.

OR, you just want to hang something small and simple,

but tapping a nail into drywall is almost always asking for something to fall down, if it weighs more than a pound.
Have you ever had something tear a nail right out of the wall?
Yeah, it's super awesome.

Well, I'm not stressing about that stuff anymore.
Enter my new favorite picture-hanging tool:

They're called "Hangman" screws by Ook.
It's a drywall screw with a smooth edge and plate before the head, giving you the perfect little peg where you can hang pretty much anything - no studfinder needed!
I bought mine at Home Depot but I'm willing to bet you can find them at the other big-box hardware stores, too.

These guys made adding artwork to the sitting room in our master bedroom a breeze!
In less than five minutes, I had photos of my beautiful babies up to admire.

They are darn cute, if I do say so myself :)

**FYI Ook didn't compensate me in any way for this post. 
I just blog about what I like, yo.


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  1. Great tip, Emily. I'll be looking for those at my local hardware store this week. I tried a Command strip a couple of days ago, followed the directions exactly and my item fell down about five minutes after it was allegedly stuck up.